There’s never been a better time to switch to an electric vehicle. Australia is in the middle of developing a comprehensive network of public charging stations whilst there is still a low number of EVs on the road.

You never worry about running out of fuel because you are conditioned to find the nearest service station when running low. EVs are no different – we just need a mindset shift to the electric way.

One way to avoid this is knowing where and when to charge at all times. All you need is a smartphone and a charging cable. Most EV charging networks have a dedicated app that you can use to check availability, charging costs, or even to plan your entire trip around the process of charging your car.

Here are the most popular EV charging apps in Australia.

1. PlugShare

One reason why this app is extremely popular is because results don’t discriminate between providers. It shows you a comprehensive list of all the public charging stations available not just in Australia, but the entire world, regardless of the provider.

You can easily filter your search by location, charging type, network or choose to plan a trip based on the stations available. You can also use the browser version of PlugShare.

By joining the community on the app, you can see and add reviews or set your favorite charging stations.

TIP: At compatible stations, you can pay for your charge directly through the PlugShare app.

Another handy feature is the check-in tool that allows you to let other users know you are charging or waiting to charge. The only downside of the app are the frequent pop-up ads.

PlugShare for Android

PlugShare for iOS

2. ChargeFox

Self-claimed “Australia’s largest EV charging network”, ChargeFox has over 1,400 plugs, mainly on the east coast. The Chargefox network includes standard AC (22kW), fast (50kW) and ultra-rapid chargers (350kW), and has live data showing  which ones are in use.

The app offers real-time information about charger functionality, availability, and prices, so you know in advance how much the charge will cost you. 

ChargeFox also partnered with several car manufacturers like Audi, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, or Jaguar for special deals and discounts. The downside of the app is that it eats up a lot of data to download and that it shows ChargeFox charging stations exclusively.

Chargefox for Android

ChargeFox for iOS

3. EV Connect

They say they’re “the most robust and feature-rich cloud-based software platform” when it comes to managing EV charging stations. Drivers using this app can monitor charging in real-time, so you know how much longer it takes and also how much it costs.

The app has a very user-friendly interface that shows you a detailed report of your charging history, payment options, and which also allows you to add a review for charging stations.

EV Connect for Android

EV Connect for iOS


With this app you can monitor the status of your car, as well as battery levels. What sets it apart from other similar apps is that it allows you to set a charging schedule. This allows you not only to save money by charging during off-peak hours, but to have your car fully-charged at a specific time that you choose. 

The app detects when the car battery is low and it automatically starts charging it, even if you’re not around. When the car is fully-charged, you receive a notification letting you know it’s ready to go.

TIP: The app works with certain home charging points, allowing you to set up a charging schedule for those as well.

The app also tells you how much energy and CO2 you have saved, and it also rewards you with points which you can spend, from Amazon vouchers to other zero-carbon charges. for Android for iOS

5. Evie Charging

One of Australia’s rising stars in terms of charging networks, Evie has been receiving significant funding to expand their network across NSW, QLD, VIC, and WA, so it’s likely to see more and more of their stations in big cities. 

Evie Networks Charging stations support Level 3 DC Fast Charging up to 350kW and offer 24/7 service and easy payment options.

While the app itself doesn’t offer too many extra features, it’s straightforward and offers you just enough for your essential charging needs.

Evie Charging for Android

Evie Charging for iOS

6. A Better Route Planner (ABRP)

This is a very useful app for when you’re taking a longer trip or driving somewhere new, but without range anxiety. To plan your trip using ABRP, you have to select your car make and model, then add your trip start and destination, and any stops you’ll be making along the way.

ABRP then creates a detailed route plan for you, including where to charge, how long the charge will take based on which charger is available, and how much battery you will have left at the end of your trip. 

It’s rather a simplified version of Google Maps, focused on public charging stations. You can upgrade to a premium version that allows you to add several vehicles, access historical data, see real-time traffic, and charging stations availability.

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