Many people dream of driving an upscale premium car but don’t want to splurge on such a significant expense. On-demand drivers usually go for a standard model without knowing that driving a premium model can actually help them boost their rideshare earnings. 

The good news is that nowadays, there are more premium car models with an affordable price tag than ever, with additional features and high-class details that make them worth every cent. 

Here are five reasons why owning a premium car for Uber is worth the expense.  

1. Additional income opportunities for Uber drivers 

Not only are you offering your passengers a comfortable and unique experience with a premium car, but you can also increase your earnings with Uber Comfort and Uber Premier rides.  

Uber Comfort and Uber Premier are services designed to offer passengers an elevated ride experience in high-end vehicles with top rated drivers. 

Uber Comfort is dedicated to drivers who have completed over 500 trips, maintained a rating of 4.85 or above and drive eligible cars no older than 7 years. Uber Premier is Uber’s most expensive premium service with luxury cars. 

Uber Comfort rides offer drivers the chance to earn an additional 35% over UberX rides, while the commission stays the same. If your car is eligible for Uber Premier, you get to earn 120% more per ride compared to UberX. This is a huge opportunity for you to earn more without having to put extra hours into your work. 

Did you know? As an Uber driver, you can buy a premium car and pay for it as you earn with a car subscription plan. 

With Splend’s Flexi own, you get to drive brand-new premium Uber cars, like the impressive Polestar 2 Long Range or the high-end Tesla Model Y starting at $479 per week, with everything included, from loss & accident cover to car servicing and tyres replacement.  

2. More chances for 5-star ratings and tips 

A premium car can attract more than just compliments from the passengers — it increases the chances of receiving more 5-star ratings or tips. 

A brand-new well-kept car, with a refined interior and a great ambience paired with a warm attitude from the driver, will make any ride more memorable, leading to a 5-star rating or a tip as a sign of appreciation.  

Of course, no matter how premium the car is, it cannot do the work itself. Ideally, you’ll keep your car clean and fresh, provide passengers with any assistance they may require and always make them feel safe with you as their driver for higher chances of excellent ratings and tips.  

3. Increased safety 

Rideshare drivers are on the road daily, so safety should be their main priority. Although most modern cars come equipped with safety features now, there are some advanced ones you will have to spend extra for. Often these advanced features come as standard in a premium car. 

When driving a premium car, you experience technology that won’t be mainstream for several years. Car manufacturers will first add their latest developed features to a premium car, including it on the standard models after it becomes common.  

Let’s take the Tesla Model Y as an example. This premium EV stands out in terms of safety features, offering you and your passengers the comfort and security needed — car monitoring with Sentry mode, Autopilot and constant software improvement with wireless frequent updates. 

4. Consistent quality, less maintenance 

Many drivers fear that driving a premium car implies huge costs if something breaks down. However, the fact that they’re typically equipped with the latest safety features and technology integrations will significantly diminish the risks of collisions. 

Another difference is the care put into the construction and materials. Premium cars are strongly built with high-performance components that usually last far longer than standard cars. Therefore, you might not expect to spend as much time in the garage as you might with a standard car. 

If you’re driving any car from Splend, you no longer need to worry about maintenance costs, as they’re covered within the subscription plans. It even covers fitting replacement spare parts, including tyres and brakes. 

5. It’s your workplace, make it shine 

Since it’s your workplace on wheels, it’s worth investing in a car that makes you feel more than just safe and comfortable. There’s a unique feel about driving a premium car that standard models cannot compete with. 

Besides offering superior technology, advanced safety features and quality built components, premium cars are all about experience. The fit and finish are executed at a higher level, and special attention is paid to the interior — supple materials, refined touchpoints and meticulously curated details. 

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