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    benefits of a Rent to own car payment plan
    What are the benefits of a Rent-to-Own plan?

    Are you a full-time Uber driver who is planning to be on the road upwards of 40 – 60 hours per week? Then Splend’s Rent-to-Own plan is a simple way you can work towards owning a brand new car. As a full-time Uber driver on the road for 40 – 60 hours…

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    man smiling in front of a Uber rented car
    Benefits of Rental v Car Finance for Uber

    More and more people are choosing to rent a car to drive with rideshare on-demand applications such as Uber. So the question remains, why are people choosing to rent a car? And what are the benefits of renting a car for Uber compared to financing your own car? The following…

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    Splend - Kia partnership
    Splend and Kia bring a new beat to the rideshare industry

    Splend is Australia’s leading vehicle supplier for on-demand rideshare and delivery services, such as Uber. After launching in July 2015, Splend has been shaking up the rideshare industry providing a complete service for the growing number of people who earn income driving. Kia and Splend formed a strategic partnership in…

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    Uber vs. taxi - What are the benefits of rideshare driving?
    Uber v Taxi, what are the benefits of rideshare driving?

    As the rideshare industry continues to boom and the demand for fares increases, a growing number of taxi drivers are making the transition across to driving with Uber. There are a number of reasons that drivers are making the switch to Uber include: As an Uber driver, you are your…

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    How a second income can help you reduce debt

    It’s official; Australia is one of the world’s most expensive places to live. A report into the cost of living by Deutsche Bank rated Australia is the most expensive country to live in, a whopping 12% higher than the cost of living in the United States. The struggle in Australia…

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    Splend offers flexible alternative to car finance
    A flexible alternative to car finance

    Ever wanted to buy a brand new car but did not want the burden of a four-year loan? Or cannot get your car loan approved from the bank or finance company? Then Splend could be the answer you are looking for. Splend is an Australian company that has revolutionized the…

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