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    Kia Sportage 2018 - Rent-to-Own
    Bring home a Kia Sportage SUV from as low as $299 per week

    This agile Kia is all the buzz on Splend’s Rent-to-Own plan You can now bring home a 2018 Kia Sportage Si mid-size SUV from a weekly fee of $299 by signing up to our Rent-to-Own plan. Medium SUVs are all about challenging the norm and the Kia Sportage definitely lives…

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    Own A Car In 10 Hours Splend
    How-to guide: own a car from 10 hours a week!

    Splend’s revamped Rent-to-Own plan provides you with the unique opportunity to own a brand-new car from 10 hours per week. 10 hours per week? How is that even possible? Well, read the how-to guide below to find out more! Step 1. Get registered for rideshare platforms such as Uber Rideshare…

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    Hyundai i30 - Rent-to-Own
    Bring home a Hyundai i30 from as low as $269 per week

    Compact Hyundai hatchback available on Splend’s Rent-to-Own plan You can own a 5-door Hyundai i30 Go hatchback from a weekly fee of $269 on our Rent-to-Own plan. This small family hatch is an increasingly popular choice for rideshare drivers. It’s hardly any surprise since its combined fuel consumption of just…

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    Love It Own It. Rent-to-Own
    Love It, Own It with our revamped Rent-to-Own plan

    Love It Own It. We have launched a revamped Rent-to-Own plan that is going to change everything! Get ready for more car choice, more features and more flexibility. The revamped Rent-to-Own plan includes the following new features: A flatlined weekly rental fee, which means you can now own a brand-new…

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    QLD Member Success Representative
    New Member Support Centre opens in Brisbane

    Splend has opened a new Member Support Centre in Brisbane! The state of the art facility will help us to continue to provide our Members with significant value and to create a connected community of on-demand drivers. Located at 58 Chale St, Yeerongpilly, the new Member Support Centre in Brisbane…

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    Review of the the new Uber Driver app

    After months of feedback, research, and interviews with their drivers, Uber launched a new and improved Uber Driver app. We recently reviewed the new Uber Driver app and tested each of the features with our Members. Below are the results. One of the main new features of the Driver app…

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    Melbourne Member Support Centre 1
    New Member Support Centre opens in Melbourne

    Splend has opened a new Member Support Centre in Melbourne! The state of the art facility will help us to continue to provide our Members with significant value and to create a connected community of on-demand drivers. Located at 96 Langford Street North Melbourne, the new Member Support Centre in…

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    International Women's Day 2018 Splend
    Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018

    To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to share Member stories from women who have carved successful careers working with the on-demand platform, Uber. As it currently stands, women make up 15% of the 80,000 Uber drivers across Australia. Therefore, Splend is committed to growing the number of women driving…

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    Splend Australia Referral Program
    Find out about Splend’s Member referral program

    Do you know any friends or family who would be interested in earning a flexible income driving Uber in a new model Splend car? If the answer is yes, you could be eligible for the fantastic referral bonuses that Splend Members receive. For every friend you refer to Splend on…

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    Member Support Centre
    What is a Member Support Centre?

    A Member Support Centre is quite simply; a home away from home for Splend Members who need a break from driving Uber. Every Member Support Centre was designed to provide the ideal lounge experience. This includes couches, access to tea and coffee, kitchen facilities, toilet amenities and much more. Importantly, every Member Support…

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    Melbourne Airport
    Melbourne Airport now open for Uber drivers

    From Wednesday 16 August 2017, Uber drivers will be able to pick up travellers arriving into Melbourne Airport. Eligible Uber driver-partners can pick up riders from both the Domestic and International terminals. Click here to download a map that outlines the wait zones. To receive pick-up rider requests, Uber drivers…

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    Uber minimum fare increase
    Uber increases minimum fare

    From Friday 9 June 2017 onwards, Uber will be increasing the minimum fare paid by passengers. This minimum fare announcement means more money for uberX drivers, especially those who accept a number of shorter trips in and around the CBD of each Australian city The minimum fare will increase to…

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    Uber fuel discount_Splend
    Uber fuel discount

    Are you looking for an Uber fuel discount? Then you have come to the right place! As an Uber driver, fuel is one of your largest expenses. Therefore, it’s important to minimise this expense using discounts that are available to you. Below is a list of providers and rewards programs…

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    Uber driver benefits
    Uber driver benefits

    Become a Splend Member and receive fantastic Uber driver benefits that will put more money in your pocket. Find out what other Uber driver benefits that Splend Members receive. What Uber driver benefits does a Splend Member receive? Car washes: Enjoy discounted car washes at both Magic Hand Carwash and IMO…

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    Replacement Uber Car
    Need a replacement Uber car?

    Have you been in a car accident and need a replacement Uber car? Then renting a car with Splend is the answer! Find out how renting a replacement Uber car from Splend will ensure you are back on the road immediately. No Loss of Income As a rideshare or on-demand…

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    How to manage driver fatigue as an Uber driver

    How to reduce driver fatigue for Uber drivers. Splend recommends taking a break (of at least 10 minutes) every two hours to avoid driver fatigue. By taking regular breaks it helps to reduce driver mistakes. So next time you feel tired, make sure you pull over in a safe location, stretch those…

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    Member Success Representative
    What is a Member Success Representative?

    Splend provides every Member with a dedicated Member Success Representative. But what does that mean? Think of your Member Success Representative as your guardian angel. Becoming your own boss can be daunting, so your Member Success Representative exists to help you through every step to becoming a successful Uber driver.…

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    Splend Rent-to-Own plan
    What are the benefits of a Rent-to-Own plan?

    Are you a full-time Uber driver who is planning to be on the road upwards of 40 – 60 hours per week? Then Splend’s Rent-to-Own plan is a simple way you can work towards owning a brand new car. As a full-time Uber driver on the road for 40 – 60 hours…

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    Benefits of Rental v Car Finance for Uber

    More and more people are choosing to rent a car to drive with rideshare on-demand applications such as Uber. So the question remains, why are people choosing to rent a car? And what are the benefits of renting a car for Uber compared to financing your own car? The following…

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    Uber v Taxi, what are the benefits of rideshare driving?

    As the rideshare industry continues to boom and the demand for fares increases, a growing number of taxi drivers are making the transition across to driving with Uber. There are a number of reasons that drivers are making the switch to Uber include: As an Uber driver, you are your…

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    How a second income can help you reduce debt

    It’s official; Australia is one of the world’s most expensive places to live. A report into the cost of living by Deutsche Bank (1) rated Australia is the most expensive country to live in, a whopping 12% higher than the cost of living in the United States. The struggle in…

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    A flexible alternative to car finance

    Ever wanted to buy a brand new car but did not want the burden of a four-year loan? Or cannot get your car loan approved from the bank or finance company? Then Splend could be the answer you are looking for. Splend is an Australian company that has revolutionized the…

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