Let’s bust some EV myths

If you’re new to electric cars it’s only natural to have a few misconceptions about this new technology, about how it runs, and how it can make your life easier. Here are some busted myths that you may have had.

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Why is defensive driving so important?

It’s every driver’s responsibility to use their defensive driving skills at all times to minimise risks on the road. Make sure you get plenty of sleep before driving, maintain the enforced speed limit and avoid any distractions while you’re on the road.

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Say hello to comfort and more space

Meet the new LDV G10+. The perfect work whip for delivery jobs, heavy errands around the city & weekend getaways with your loved one. Ready to find out more? Hit the link below to find all the answers you need to make the LDV G10+ yours.

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How to become an Amazon Flex driver in Australia

 Amazon Flex recruits on-demand drivers to move packages from central delivery stations to customers’ homes. Since you only need a car to sign up, it’s a great opportunity to top up your income, if ridesharing is not really your jam. 

How to become an Amazon Flex driver