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We recently launched a weekly informative session, focused on the latest additions to the Splend fleet, exciting industry news, and ridesharing tips. Join us as this is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and chat with our team.

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How to become an Uber Eats driver

Food delivery has skyrocketed during the lockdowns, and it looks like people’s newfound appetite for Uber Eats is here to stay. Signing up is simple, so give it a shot and top up your rideshare income before the festive season.

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Uber helps you learn a new language or improve your existing skills

Starting November 2021 Uber is teaming up with Rosetta Stone, the language learning app, and giving drivers the opportunity to work on their foreign communication skills – for free. This way you can improve the quality of your work and earn more five-star ratings.

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Fleet update: The Toyota Camry Hybrid is here

The new Toyota Camry Hybrid is the most advanced Camry yet – not only due to the stylish look, but also its minimal fuel usage and compromise-free usability. In other words, ideal for on-demand driving. Get one now on the Flexi own plan:

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Dragan is ready to thrive with his new Toyota Camry Hybrid

Dragan joined us in February this year, and he not only kept earning during the lockdown restrictions in Queensland but also made the switch to owning his brand new car. He went from a Mitsubishi Outlander on the Flexi plan to a Toyota Camry Hybrid on Flexi own.

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